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Assembly1 Freeze data
Genome assembly - initial genome assembly as described in Dieterich et al.,2008
Protein sequences - SNAP gene predictions
Hybrid1 data
Genome assembly - improved genome assembly as used in Borchert et al., 2010
Hybrid1 SNAP annotation file - in gff3 format
Protein sequences - SNAP gene predictions (Hybrid1)
Sinha et al., 2012 - sequences for microarray studies by Sinha et al., generated in 2011 (TAU)
Sinha et al., 2014 - sequences for operon project by Sinha et al., generated in 2012 (OP)
AUGUSTUS 2013 predictions - complementary gene predictions by the AUGUSTUS gene finder
Hybrid2 data
Genome assembly - PacBio improved genome with the help of Barbara Meyer and Erich Schwarz 2014
Gene Predictions - Gene predictions based on AUGUSTUS
El Paco data - 2017
Genome assembly - de novo assembly based on PacBio data alone, scaffolded using BACs/Fosmids and genetic linkage map 2017
Gene annotations (v1) annotations based on MAKER2 pipeline, Rödelsperger et al. Cell Reports. 2017
Gene annotations (v2) includes manual curation of C. elegans orthologs, Rödelsperger et al. Scientific Reports. 2019
Gene annotations (v2.1) version 2 with some duplicate entries removed, Rödelsperger et al. Scientific Reports. 2019
Gene annotations (TAU, SNAP Hybrid1) exonerate mappings of old annotations
Werner et al. Genome Research. 2018 Epigenome profiles from adult worms
Werner et al. Genome Research. 2018 ISO-seq assemblies
Natural variation and mapping
Washington - low coverage washington genome assembly
Second generation linkage map - based on of 32 RILs between california and south africa
Variants for 104 strains - Variant calls for resequencing data of 104 natural isolates
Pristionchus species
maupasi - 1x coverage genome sequences
entomophagus - 1x coverage genome sequences
exspectatus - high coverage de novo assembly and initial annotations (SNAP2012)
exspectatus - update of annotations (AUGUSTUS2013)
exspectatus - reference transcriptome (2013)
diplogastrid transcriptomes - ten mixed-stage transcriptomes (454 reads and assemblies), Mayer et al. 2011
Prabh et al. Genome Research . 2018 - phylogenomic data set of ten diplogastrid genomes and annotations
Roedelsperger et al. 2018 - phylotranscriptomic data set
Other data
Oryctes borbonicus - genome assembly and annotations (v2015-02)